Nintendo NX is Not About Power but Something Else

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During the recently concluded E3 event, a lot of major companies such as Sony and Microsoft announced their new game consoles to the public.

On Sony’s side, they announced an upcoming iteration of the PS4 called the “Playstation Neo”. It has more powerful specs than the Playstation 4 game console and it is geared towards innovating VR gaming.

The Playstation Neo is also capable of playing 4K resolution videos and it can purportedly play 4K video games as well.

On Microsoft’s side, the operating system and game console giant said that the slimmer Xbox One S will be releasing in the coming months, with their new flagship Xbox Scorpio releasing next year.

What do both of these game console giants have in common with regards to their new units? They are powerful; powerful enough to bring virtual reality gaming to the fore.

But, what about Nintendo? What are they up to? They haven’t released any new information about the Nintendo NX. Because of this, fans can only speculate about Nintendo’s new game console.

Recently, Nintendo America’s president Reggie Fils-Amie was asked about the Nintendo NX. Of course, he was silent when asked about the specifications of the upcoming game console but he said something remarkable.

Microsoft and Sony are so engrossed with the idea of putting so much power into their game consoles. Nintendo, on the other hand, is currently focusing their efforts on creating the best content possible for gamers to enjoy.

According to Fils-Amie, it’s not about the power; not about the teraflops or horsepower, it’s about quality content.

This has both good and bad implications. The bad thing is that this kind of mindset put them in the exact position they’re in today. Bad Nintendo Wii U sales, dwindling sales for their Nintendo 3DS, dismal sales in all other areas.

What’s also bad about this mentality is that the game consoles should be, at least, on par or that it surpasses what Microsoft and Sony have to offer in terms of their new gaming consoles.

People want power; people want hardware that can give them not only high-quality visuals but also gameplay like they never had before.

Nintendo is currently in the position that if they cannot deliver, they might suffer tremendous losses in the future.

Or worse, they will have to resort to other means to get money just like what Sega did. Sega was a great gaming company but had to secede from the niche because they cannot keep up with the competition.

The good thing about what Fils-Amie said, though, is that they are focusing on high-quality content. Don’t get me wrong; hardware horsepower still factors in. But, your great gaming console in terms of hardware prowess will be nothing without quality content; content that would make gamers remember your company’s name.

I have to say that the upcoming games from the Nintendo lineup look absolutely amazing. I’ve had the privilege of seeing the gameplay trailer of the new Legend of Zelda game and it just looks absolutely stunning. And, it is also a good thing that the new Legend of Zelda game will be headlining the Nintendo NX’s release.

Fils-Amie has said some controversial comments right there, but only time will tell if Nintendo is going to rise up again or fall down like what they’ve suffered in the last few years.

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